About Jade

Born in 1993, Jade grew up into a family of motorsport enthusiasts and was often seen at rallies where Dad was competing. Jade showed a keen interest in anything with an engine from a very early age. From driving around the family farm, to "borrowing" her brothers trials bike, Jade was at full speed from day 1. 

Jade was eventually given her own chance to get behind the wheel at Rissington kart circuit, the next few years were a blur of fastest lap times, outright wins and some serious character building racing in the rain! Graduating to KZ2 gearbox karts and then onto circuit racing would have been enough for most competitors, but Jade kept on looking sideways at Dads rally car.

Eventually after a bit of arm twisting, Jade had her first taste of rallying on a forest rally stage in Wales. Jade is now an established competitor and respected race and rally driver with an ambition to win and has travelled abroad with Formula 1 teams, and to make launch trailers for car makers as well as being interviewed and appearing on a host of TV programmes.

By day Jade is an important part of the family run Honda car dealership in North Wales. Having worked in Aftersales, Jade moved into the sales department and joined the management team.

Residence: North Wales

Racing Goal: To win major titles

Advice: Don't give up

Music: Rock and chart

TV: Downtown Abbey and Game of Thrones

Favourite Track: Cadwell

Favourite Rally: Neil Howard Stages

Dislikes: Prejudice

Likes: Life and going fast